Money Lending Wizard

the perfect tool for keeping track of your debts and loans in the easiest way

QR code

Synchronize payments with your debtor or your lender with just one tap

Link your debts and loans with another user

Using a QR code you can link your debts / loans and synchronize your payments.

Automatic Push-Notifications to your debtors or creditors

Receive notifications about your next payments and payments received.

We made the design more functional, simple and quick to use, to give you the best experience.

Charts and statistics

You will be able to analyze in a more visual way, the state of your debts and loans as well as how much is the total amount, how much you owe and how much you have paid.

Create any type of loan or debt

The application is so versatile that you can play with the necessary variables to define different types of loans and debts.

Payment Tracker

The app will create all the payments you have to do and will remind you when to do a payment or notify you when you receive a payment from your debtor