Self-Care: Habit Building Micro Actions

Start building good habits with small daily actions and become the best version of you!

Strengthen your 5 pillars

Increase your energy, improve your physical and mental health, increase your income, eliminate your debts, improve your relationships, lose weight, sleep better, take things easy, live without stress, stay motivated and achieve your goals, we want to see you happy , and that is why we created this app.

Make any microaction a habit

+200 different micro actions

Repeat any micro action at any time

We made the design more functional, simple and quick to use, to give you the best experience.

Charts and statistics

You will always be aware of your progress. You will be able to analyze in a more visual way, the state of your habits and microactions.



Step by step

The app will guide you step by step during each micro action.

Motivate your friends to grow together with you

Motivate your friends to grow together with you, watch their progress, share micro-actions, see who is the best in each area. Doing it together is easier and more fun!