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Split the bill

Divide total with your entire party without doing the math in your head!

Calculate Tip

A fresh-made latte and a friendly smile deserves a fair tip.

All currencies

No matter where you are, Tip Calculator handles currencies based on your location.

Time saver

Need to make extra calculations? Use our handy integrated calculator.


how much to pay!

No more fights, no more bad calculation, no more wasting time.
Just enter the total bill, select tip percentage or set a customized amount, choose between how many people you want to split the bill and share the total with your friends. As easy as that!

An easy way to set tip

Smoothly set the tip percentage with the slider or enter a fixed amount.

Split the bill

Large table? You can split up to 99 attendants.

Share the bill with your friends

Stop worrying about the struggles of billing and share the total with all your companions.

Currency auto-detect

No matter where you go, we’ll match the right currency.

Round the totals

Because we also like exact amounts, you can round up the tip or the total thanks to our diverse rounding options.

Handy calculator integrated

You don’t need to switch app; we have a calculator to help you with any other calculation required.



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Or you can simply choose the useful night mode.

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